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Vocal Leadership & Public Speaker

Your voice says a lot about you to your collaborators. I help you to explore and identify the effective use of your voice communication, everything that goes beyond words.

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From the beginning of vocal development, to the preparation of a tour or a role, on stage or in the studio, your vocal development is my passion.

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Breathing Coordination

This method, developed by Lynn Martin and Robin De Haas, is based on the work of Carl Stough and aims to make it accessible to future generations.

5-day MDH Workshops

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Robin des Voix – The Movie

by Frédéric Gonseth and Catherine Azad.

The Path of the Voice – The Book

A revolutionary approach to the human instrument

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Lynn & Robin MDH teachers

The MDH Breathing Coordination method for future generations.

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The CRMDH pillow

It is made to measure and meets the needs of the practice of the method.

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Robin supports the Tiempos de Bondad Foundation that his husband Willy Hobal founded, with the aim to provide & support Children’s Education in Latin-america

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Robin’s news

Reportage RTS

Couleurs Locales, février 2022

Le coup de cœur de Fabien pour le film "Robin des voix"

par Radio Lac | 31.01.2022

RTS Robin de Haas trouve sa voix au cinéma

RTS Robin de Haas trouve sa voix au cinéma