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Vocal Leadership  & Public Speaker

Your voice says a lot about you to your colleagues.

I help you to explore and identify the effective use of your voice communication, everything that goes beyond words.

Your leadership, charisma, congruence and overall impact are analysed and optimised.

Questions about the different possibilities of individual consultations and prices?

Robin as an executive member of the IMD business school.

The ins and outs of good breathing and better communication

Article and interview by Albrecht Enders from IMD
21 April 2023

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My mission is to help people and companies enter into dialogue through the effective use of voice, language, and body language to achieve optimal communication and increased well-being in human relationships.

I achieve this through the following means

  • diagnosing inefficient and unconscious voice and breathing habits
  • developing the full use of the vocal function
  • strengthening the awareness of the breathing mechanism
  • applying breathing and vocal functions to the structure of language

My vision is to become a leader in vocal excellence, enabling high profile people to reach their audience, and transforming the way they perceive their communication to those around them.

  • A passion shared worldwide
  • A love of challenge
  • Listening to needs
  • Trust & Respect
  • Open communication
  • Excellence & Success
  • Breathing Coordination
  • Laryngeal coordination
  • Phonetics and prosody
  • Body language assessment
  • Awareness and functional analysis
  • Breathing Mechanics in Communication
  • Comparative analysis of audiovisual material
  • Individual sessions
  • Group sessions

Vocal Leadership & Public Speaking

Vocal consulting is the provision to the subject of various skills allowing a balanced and healthy vocal gesture. The vocal consultant balances the respiratory system, the vocal cords and the emotions linked to the vocal act. He is trained to recognise and decipher the various vocal symptoms.

He proposes solutions to solve the difficulties encountered by comedians, artists, business leaders, politicians, public speakers and lecturers. A significant part of vocal consulting is experienced in individual lessons due to the personal and individual nature of the balancing that is involved.

On this basis, I work as a voice consultant in Switzerland and internationally. 


  • Are you sometimes afraid of public speaking?
  • Do you feel short of breath?
    Is your voice unstable?
  • Do your colleagues feel that you are being aggressive with them without meaning to?
  • Do you sometimes stumble over words in a speech?
  • Do you find it difficult to get people to agree with your ideas, even though they are relevant?
  • Do you experience high levels of stress on a regular basis?
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Individual session

  • Assessment and diagnosis of vocal use
  • Rebalancing of the respiratory system
  • Vocal tools and practices
  • Application in situation
  • Prosody and syllabification
  • Definition, exploration and experimentation of vocal patterns

Group session

  • Theoretical elements of functional communication
  • Practical exercises
  • Vocal tools and practices
  • Application in situation
  • Dialogue and interaction between participants
  • Prosody and syllabification
  • Definition, exploration and experimentation of vocal patterns

Here are some testimonies of my activities

The world breathes better thanks to a revolutionary method
Following a voice blackout, Yann Lambiel discovered a method that changed his way of breathing, a decisive turning point in his career as a comedian. Focus on “Breathing Coordination”… “

Le Temps – 18 May 2017- Anne-Charlotte Manceb > Read the article

A world reference in the art of singing
At 33, Robin de Haas from Lausanne has become the second specialist in this method that is revolutionising the way people learn to sing. Let’s meet”.

L’Hebdo – 1 November 2012 – Stéphane Gobbo > Read the article

IMD Recommendation Letter
Looking at the significant communication challenges that most of the managers who I work with face, I believe that Robin’s work would be an extraordinarily valuable addition to any training or development program focused on leadership or communication…. “

Albrecht Enders – 5 May 2014 – Professor of strategy and inovation > Read the letter

ITU Recommendation Letter
“Mr. De Haas is extremely talented in his domain, and both his professionalism and experirence are truly remarkable and of enormous benefit to his students. It is for this reason that I can un-reservedly recommend him…. “

Dr. Hamadoum L. Touré – 22 March 2012 – Secretary general > Read the letter